4200 Strapping sealer


  • Side pull belt drive.

  • One-dimensional machine. It works with series of fixed format manually adjustable with a crank.

  • Device auto-stop after one minute of inactivity.

  • Automatic threading system and strap prelaunching.

  • Electronic voltage.

  • Strap ejector device for vacuum strapping.

  • Strap coil end detection system.

  • Compactor rollers to ensure a tight seal.

  • Swivel wheels for easy transport.

  • Height of the work table of 800 mm.

  • Arc size of the strapping machine 850 x 600 mm.

  • 500 mm roller section extension.

  • Two limit switches to apply two straps.


Combination of sealer and strapping machine to work with series of uniform format. Can be integrated into automatic lines.


Equipped with automatic threading system.

The safest packaging with top and bottom sealing and double strapping.


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