Automatic strapping machines

1924 Automatic motorized table strapping machine


  • It has a motorized conveyor belt.

  • Automatic threading system.

  • Compact and robust strapping head.

  • Vacuum strapping ejector device.

  • Hinged top plates for easy access to the head.

  • It allows making one, two strapping, or strapping continuously.

  • It has a wide range of strapping tension between 7 and 70 Kg.

  • Quick coil change.

  • The strapping tension is electronically controlled.

  • Automatic ejection of the excess strap when the coil is exhausted.

  • Easy movement thanks to the rotating wheels.

  • Belt transmission to extend the useful life.


Automatic tabletop strapping machine with motorized drag bands. The economical machine to integrate into automated lines. It has the latest technology in automatic strapping machines, such as the vacuum strapping ejector system or automatic threading. Ideal for automating the strapping of packages.


Equipped with motorized drag belts

It has a vacuum strapping ejector system.


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