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It was a Wednesday of late summer. An exact month had passed since the closure of the Barcelona Olympic Games. On September 9, 1992 Reisopack was born, and began a path of success and growth that has taken the company to the position of leadership it currently has.


Reisopack was formed on the basis of the old packaging company Reisosa, a company founded in 1965. The main objective of Reisopack was the manufacture of strapping machines for boxes and packages, as well as selling machinery and packaging material.


In 1999 some decisions are made that will forever change the direction of the company. Firstly, it is decided that the time has come to specialize in the manufacture of strapping machines for pallets. This strategic move has enabled Reisopack to manufacture the most advanced pallet strapping machines in the world today. The other major decision was the opening of borders and start exporting.


In 2002 exports already occupy a significant part of the annual turnover. Reisopack decides to specialize in strapping machines for fruit pallets, and exports machines to the main producing countries of the world.


Already in 2014 it is decided to make a renewal of strapping machine models for fruit pallets, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired after years of working directly with fruit and vegetable producers. Modifications resulting from suggestions from the same customers will allow the production of strapping machines totally adapted to the needs of the producer.


Finally, in 2017, the year of the 25th anniversary, Reisopack expands the range of strapping machines for the industrial sector. In these 25 years Reisopack has clearly opened up to the international market. In addition, the company has moved to modern facilities of 4,000 m2 located in Parets del Vallès, and has expanded its workforce to 50 workers. These 25 years have been fantastic, and from Reisopack hope to celebrate together many more.