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Reisopack will be exhibiting at the Macfrut 2019 trade show. This event, to be held in Rimini from 8 to 10 May, is the most important in the horticultural market in the Mediterranean area.

Reisopack will be located in Pavilion South of the Rimini Expo Centre, specifically in Booth B1-035. In this place, you'll be able to discover the latest technology for the strapping of fruit and vegetable pallets. Reisopack is the leader in innovation in strapping for the fruit and vegetable sector, and in this edition of Macfrut will present to italian producers and the rest of the world the high-speed strapping machine for large productions.


The new strapping machine with automatic cornering application comes equipped with the latest technology. Reisopack is the one that can offer these technical achievements to the world fruit producers. The tension regulation from the control panel allows different tensions to be applied to different pallets without the need to reset the machine. The CRC technology relocates the carton corners and ensures that 100% are well located, while the motorized corner arms detect the measurement of the pallet to always guarantee the best packaging.


In Rimini, will also be presented to italian producers the new horizontal semi-automatic strapping machine for pallets with battery power. The previous model was a resounding success all over the world. However, the R & D department of Reisopack has redesigned and polished some details that make the machine more functional and with a more modern and attractive design. Ask our experts for these advances or for any need you have related to the packaging of your pallets.