Costumer services

We facilitate all type of informative manuals with the technical characteristics of each product and piece listings that facilitate the identification of a piece in case of need.

At Reisopack we give you much more than just marketing management, we aim to collaborate with you from the very first day.

To this end, we place a range of customised solutions at your disposal that enable you to achieve improved output and maximum reliability from our machines.

Technical support for distributors

We train our distributors’ technical staff to create a technical back-up network which is fast and effective, so that any incident that may occur in a machine is dealt with immediately.

Each distributor is in permanent contact with the factory and has a hot line for quick consultations. Distributors are constantly updated with all novelties and technical modifications in the Reisopack range. We provide all necessary instruction manuals containing the technical characteristics of each product and diagrams which facilitate identification of each part in the case of requiring spares.

Brand acces

We can provide many systems of financing, such as renting or leasing agreements, to facilitate acquisition of our products. Ask us, we are sure to be able to offer you a solution in line with your expectations.

For those companies that need a strapping machine temporarily for a particular production requirement or that simply prefer to put one to the test before acquiring it, the possibility exists of hiring the machine with an option to purchase. With this method, not only would your company benefit, but Reisopack would have the opportunity to demonstrate just what our machines can contribute to your production process.