Trade Mark

We support our distributors with training at both the technical and marketing level to ensure that they possess the knowledge necessary to offer the best solution in line with each customer’s needs.

We define marketing objectives in consultation with our representatives and value any suggestion they may make, with the aim of improving their work and offering the customer an impeccable service. We are also available whenever required to collaborate in technical-marketing tasks.

Commercial support for distributors

Since its creation, Reisopack’s sales have undergone significant growth due largely to our coherent approach to brand distribution. We have opened up the market on the basis of offering constantly improving service. To this end, we ensure that distributors possess the knowledge necessary to be able to act as authentic specialists in packaging. Reisopack achieves this by imparting sector-specific training courses and courses on every new product we place on the market. This enables us to explain in detail the characteristics of our strapping machines to the eventual customer.

All of this technical-marketing work is backed by a wide range of information material which help disseminate and facilitate the understanding of how each of our products and services works.

Technical support for distributors

We train our distributors technical team to create a fast technical network and effective, so that any incidence that possibly can arise in a machine is solved immediately.

Each distributor is in permanent contact with Reisopack factory and has of a Hot Line of fquick doubts, as well as a constant update in the new features and technical modifications of Reisopack strapping range.