Design and development

Design and investigation

We design and produce completely all the range of strapping machines, from the strapping heads to the accessories, and we carry out all the modifications to work with special applications.

The department of investigation and development studies each requirement for the packaging of each product with the purpose of offering a high competitive machine.

We offer the best solution when a complete end of line has to be developed, adapteding to its productive chain and incorporating automated systems that allow to increase the set output.

Strapping machinery range

We manufacture a wide range of automatic and semiautomatic strapping machines constructed with high quality materials and processes, obtaining like result reliable and extremely robust machines.

The standard variety of models allows to satisfy the most common needs in packing, as well, they have been designed to admit modifications to be able to adapt them to strap products which require special conditions.

According to the model, different accessories are available (presses, squares, etc.), to facilitate the adaptation to a certain productive process.

The adaptation capacity

We adapt and we realized all type of variations in strapping machines; once studied the characteristics of each product we applied the most convenient solution.

The adaptation capacity has been the main difference of Reisopack. Each new product to strap is a challenge for the development team, that owns a wide experience in personalizing the strapping process. Our aim is to provide solutions to companies that did not count on the possibility of incorporating a strapping machine in their productive chain.